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Amy Johnson was born in Colorado Springs, CO where she first started studying art in her parents basement, at school and with The Bemis School of Arts at the Fine Arts Center with emphasis on painting and drawing.
Amy attended University of Colorado at Boulder where she began learning to use oil on canvas.
Graduating with a B.A. in Film Studies, Amy moved to Los Angeles to work on film production sets doing Set Design/Set Decorating and Props.
Shortly thereafter Amy went back to school and got an A.A. in Graphic Design in Newport Beach, CA.
Then Amy moved to San Francisco where she worked at a couple of high-end art galleries. Lush Life Art Gallery in the Jazz District and Gallery 333 in downtown San Francisco. She also did a number of graphic design projects such as menu advertisements for The Oak Room Restaurant in The Westin St Francis and a monthly newsletter for Rodan + Fields Skin Care company as well as business logos and business card designs.
Now back in Colorado Amy is focusing on her own company, Cimarron Arts. Her emphasis will be painting and design work.
“I want Cimarron Arts to be a collaboration of artist and their unique talents. My vision is to have a large space where artist can work, but it can also become a space used for art openings, a music venue, and a place for art classes to be held. An artistic space with a multitude of talent that can give back to the community”. -Amy


The smoke clears and out steps our hero, armored only with the knowledge that he is the only one that can DO THE THING. Born and raised in Colorado he had grown used to the high altitudes and cold snowy weather of the season. 4 years of art school in the desolate wasteland of the San Luis Valley at Adams State University had sharpened him against such cold but more importantly it taught him how to create. Painting, sculpting, metal working, these would be his tools for a brighter future. Inspired by surrealism, pop-art and the comic book industry his art work developed its own unique style that explored emotion with color and questioned what details need to be seen to know they are there. His sculptures were a precursor to the training he would gain from the great master T.K. Miller. As an apprentice he learned much about sculpting the female form, as well as adapting the philosophy that more things in life should be taken lightly and pushed forward with a smile and a laugh. Wiping the smoke from his eyes atop the Manitou Springs incline he cried out to the night, I AM CHRIS WOLFE.



Dustin Smalley was born in Peoria, Illinois in 1989. He works primarily with base metals and natural stones to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Dustin acquired his BFA from Adams State University with an emphasis in Metalsmithing and Jewelry. As part of the curriculum Dustin created a cohesive body of work for an undergraduate exhibition, which he entitled “Intimate Spaces.” This body of work explored the intimate nature of metal containers and vessels through scale, hidden compartments, and simple locking mechanisms. In addition, Dustin creates work that expresses the duality of process. On one side he allows the medium to take shape serendipitously, in the case of the free form buckles. On the other side, the ridged attention to detail and consistency, in the case of his hand made chains. Dustin currently lives and works in Colorado Springs, Colorado and is represented in several private collections throughout the United States.
Note From “Artist”
I have to let it be known that I don’t wholly consider myself an artist, I see myself more of an artisan. I enjoy the processes involved and the problem solving it takes to create an object with the function I intended. My goal in my work is to bring to the surface the innate beauty of the materials and processes used.